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Best Android Mods for Non-Rooted Phones!

Best Android Mods for Non-Rooted Phones!


there’s this really useful mod on  Android that lets you add and undo and  redo button to the context menu  and as you can probably guess it lets  you undo anything you just typed  or re-add anything you erased the mod  that makes this possible is called undo  and it works like a charm even on  non-rooted devices

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here’s another one  you know how some apps stop you from  being able to take screenshots or screen  recordings by just blocking them out  well a module called exposed disabled  flag secure lets you bypass these  restrictions that way you can capture  anything you’d like no matter what  you’re doing in the app it works in  password managers like Dashlane specific  browsers like Firefox when using  incognito mode it works within telegram  secret chat reddit’s anonymous browsing  mode and much more the only apps it  won’t work in are those that are  encrypted by something called DRM which  basically stands for digital Rights  Management it’s used mainly by popular  streaming services like Netflix Hulu and  Amazon Prime and they use this so that  video is get encrypted at the hardware  level bypassing any software features  like screen capture thus making it way  harder to crack unless you’re rooted but  aside from those type of apps exposed  disable flag secure works just fine  unlocking any screenshot capturing even  on unrooted devices.

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if you’re multilingual you’re going  to love this next mod because it lets  you translate individual apps to almost  any language you’d like  it’s called All Trans and it uses  Google’s translation service to replace  all the text inside an app with another  language in real time similar to how  Google Chrome translates those foreign  websites  now I’m not saying it’s perfect  sometimes the translation will take a  few seconds to render especially if  you’re scrolling through a feed and some  apps will get translated better than  others for example the Reddit app was  translated into any language without a  problem but other apps like threads or  Instagram didn’t play that nicely for  Threads I had to enable extra settings  with an all trans like in aggressive  mode and a scroll long translated text  option just to get it to work  for Instagram I had to restart it a few  times and navigate randomly throughout  the app until it eventually translated a  few items here and there and for some  apps like Twitter it just didn’t want to  translate anything besides a few menus  no matter what I did so each app you  translate is a hit or miss and you’ll  start to see this trend when using more.

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Messenger Pro

Messenger Pro Toolbar

Get the hang of the powerful Messenger Pro features in the blink of an eye by swiping from any direction (configurable) !

Long press any button to see its function

Stealth mode activated! Sneak into conversations: view images, listen to audios, download files, scroll as much as you want without sending the seen indicator!

To activate, press the “eye” button in the toolbar, or turn on switch under Settings > Features

Messenger Pro Settings

To launch Messenger Pro settings you can either

Long press (1s) on topmost section (where “Chats” word in home screen)

Tap settings icon in toolbar (to show toolbar swipe from right border by default, you may have to temporarily disable navigation gestures)

Configure Toolbar

To configure how toolbar is summoned, go to Settings > Toolbar > Summon Toolbar and choose your prefered way of summoning the toolbar.

(See above section to learn how to open settings)

Explore Features

Enable the desired features under Settings > Features, most of them can also be accessed from toolbar.

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Chat Head Enabler

Great messenger mod is chat  head enabler and as you can probably  guess from the name it lets you bring  back chat heads or it even lets you  switch between chat heads and Bubbles if  you’re not sure what that means these  are floating circles that appear  whenever you receive a message and  tapping them lets you see the entire  conversation to respond quickly but the  difference is that Chat Heads is a  feature created by Facebook that lets  you easily interact with other  conversations stations on Facebook while  bubbles is a native Andrew feature that  lets you track all of your most recent  chat conversations from any app out  there not just Facebook so I guess it  comes down to personal preference and  the best part is that you don’t actually  need to use the Ellis patch app as well  to enable this mod because the  developers have their own version called  mrb patch manager and it’s a lot simpler  to use


  • Direct download from multiple APK servers.
  • Manual patching option for offline APKs.
  • Ensures safety by checking APK signature.
  • Download specific versions and ABI types.
  • Selection from a variety of APK servers.
  • Support for allowing third-party modules.
  • Support for signing with a custom keystore.

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