CMF by Nothing unveils Buds Pro TWS with 45db ANC Review

CMF by Nothing unveils Buds Pro TWS with 45db ANC

This is the new affordable nothing but  Pro and this is feature packed so this  is what the new buds look like and while  these don’t have the transparent design  you expect from nothing the sound case  kind of looks interesting now this has  all the features you can think of ib-54  rating on the earbuds for mics on the  stem fast pair support So pairing them  is easy and these earbuds have 10  millimeter drivers with ultra bass Tech  and sound quality is really good with  good bass and nice Clarity this fares  whether nothing except so you also get  EQ options low lag mode for gaming find  my earbuds and this also has tap  controls which can be customized easily  this also has auto play Power support  and this has ANC that can cut down 45  decibels of noise this also transparency  mode here so you can talk easily the  battery life is also impressive 6.5  hours with ANC on on the earbuds and 22  hours with the case so if you ask me at  3500 rupees the cmf by nothing but Pro  are a solid option

Talking about the hearables first, the Buds Pro are the company’s latest wireless earphones (following the Ear 1, Ear 2, and Ear Stick). Unlike Nothing’s existing audio product portfolio, the CMF Buds Pro arrives as the most affordable TWS model. However, the cheaper price tag is made possible thanks to cut corners, with the earbuds no longer featuring the iconic transparent body. There will likely be some differences in the audio quality of the CMF Buds Pro and the Ear series of earbuds.

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