KiiBOOM Phantom 81Keyboard Review

KiiBOOM Phantom 81Keyboard Review

you have never seen a keyboard like this  one before this is the key boom Phantom  81 a mechanical keyboard made for  keyboard enthusiasts and this looks  insane with the transparent build all  across be the keys or the body after  that the trippy RGB modes and you have a  keyboard that looks awesome on the desk  now starting on this is beautiful the  keyboard is constructed with gasket  Mount and a PC mounting plate for a soft  and soundless typing experience  these are custom switches and they are  extremely nice to type on and you even  get two extra switches I also like that  this plate mounted stabilizers are  swappable you can use this with Mac or  Windows but just switching this button  plus there are three connection modes  Bluetooth wired or using this 2.4  gigahertz adapter honestly do you know  of any other keyboard that looks as  insane as this


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