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20 Best Apps For Android Customization 2023 | THEME Your Android Like a PRO

if you want to give your Android home  screen a stunning makeover you need 4  key ingredients icon packs wallpapers  custom launchers and widgets these  elements can help you create a unique  and beautiful look for your device and  in this video I’ll tell you my favorite  icon packs wallpaper apps custom  launchers and kwgt widgets that I use to  make my home screen look awesome,


let’s start with my  top 5 favorite wallpaper apps that I  always use to customize my devices if  you are looking for a wallpaper app that  offers stunning handcrafted wallpapers  with unique color Blends for your  Android smartphone look no further than  wallberry this app has a huge collection  of wallpapers that caters to different  tastes and styles you can browse through  various categories such as Vector art  amulet pattern fluid neon gradient  landscape material you and many more  whether you want something abstract  colorful minimalist or realistic you  will find it in wallberry one of the  best feature of fallberry is its  user-friendly interface the app is well  designed and the wallpaper categories  are neatly organized making it easy for  the user to navigate and find their  desired wallpapers the wallpapers are  also of excellent quality and they look  great on different screen size and  resolution wallberry is constantly  updated with new wallpapers to keep your  device fresh and stylish the app has  over 1500 plus wallpapers on initial  release and the developer promises to  add more wallpapers on daily slash  weekly bases

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are you tired of staring at  the same old boring wallpaper on your  device look no further than one for wall  the Revolutionary wallpaper app that  will transform your device into a visual  Masterpiece with a vast collection of  stunning AI generated and hand edited  wallpapers this wallpaper app has  everything you need to make your home  screen and lock screen look as beautiful  as possible with over 300 Plus free  wallpapers and more than 1000 premium  wallpapers this app offers a diverse  range of options to choose from the free  wallpaper collection is updated weekly  while the subscription based plus  collection is update dated with a new  wallpaper every day and for those who  want the best of the best the premium  collection features some of the most  stunning and unique wallpapers available  what set this apart is its use of latest  AI technology to create mesmerizing  wallpapers that are truly one of a kind  and unlike other wallpaper apps every  single wallpaper in this app has been  carefully hand edited to ensure it’s  perfect to fit your device the app  features five tabs on the bottom to help  you navigate through the vast collection  of wallpapers easily see your favorite  ones and check your setting with just  one click

Wall Story

next up we have Wall story  which is an exceptional app that brings  a collection of beautifully designed  wallpaper in stunning 4K quality  allowing you to elevate the visual  appeal of your device like never before  it offers a huge selection of carefully  handcrafted wallpapers ensuring that you  will find something to suit your  personal taste and style and the best  part wall story does not stop there with  daily and weekly updates you can expect  a continuous influx of new wallpapers to  keep your device looking fresh and  captivating the user interface of the  app is incredibly smooth providing a  seamless browsing experience as you  explore the extensive wallpaper Library  the app also offer a light and dark mode  allow you to choose the interface that  best suit your preference with wall  story you can expect wallpapers in 4k  high resolution this level of detail  ensures that every image is crisp  vibrant and Visually stunning making  your devices display truly come to life  whether you are looking for Scenic  Landscapes abstract art minimalist  designs or any other style wall story  has you covered with its diverse range  of wallpapers

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Chroma Galaxy

the next one is chroma  Galaxy live wallpaper which offers a  unique feature that you will not be able  to get in any other live wallpaper app  chroma galaxy is the first live  wallpaper application for mobile devices  offering stunning high resolution fluid  wallpapers that are in 4k the best  feature of this wallpaper app is that  all the wallpapers are made by hand with  fluid ink and paint by the German  designer Roman Julie if you own an ultra  high resolution screen then you’re  looking forward to a beautiful  experience as these live wallpaper will  be able to blend into the screen and if  you are satisfied with the wallpaper you  have seen you can pay to unlock other  features meaning you will have a total  of more than 250 plus live wallpapers to  choose from across 16 different  categories



if you’re tired of searching  for the perfect wallpaper to match your  phone’s Vibe look no further than wallet  wallpapers with its beautiful collection  of custom made wallpapers based on  Modern UI graphic design while it has  everything you need to make your home  screen look stunning one of the best  thing about this wallpaper app is that  all the wallpapers are made with users  in mind you won’t find any generic on  unspired design here instead it offers a  unique selection of 4K Wallpapers that  are tailored to your customized need the  app’s minimalist and materialistic UI  makes it easy to navigate and find the  perfect wallpaper for your phone with  over 200 plus walls to choose from  you’re sure to find something that suits  your style and preferences plus it  constantly updates new wallpapers so you  will always have fresh options to choose  from wallet wallpaper offers a range of  categories to choose from including  AMOLED landscape minimal gradient  pattern and superheroes whether you’re  looking for a bold colorful wallpaper or  something more subdued it has something  for everyone overall it is a must-have  app for anyone looking to elevate their  phones aesthetically

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Adaptive You Icons

are you bored of the same old icons on  your phone do you want to spice your  home screen with some fresh and colorful  icons that match your wallpaper and  theme if so you might want to try  adaptive view icon pack it is a cool and  stylish app that lets you apply  different shapes and color to your icons  you can choose from a variety of shapes  such as circles square square circle  teardrop and more you can also customize  the color of the icon and the background  using a palette of vibrant and dynamic  colors inspired by material U adaptive  view icon pack uses material U API to  adapt the icons to your wallpaper and  theme it analyzes your wallpaper and  pick the best color to match it it also  supports user theming on Android 12 or  above which means your icon will change  color according to your system settings  this is a great icon pack for anyone who  want to give their phone a new look with  some colorful and adaptive icons.

Pastel Lines

next up  we have pastel lines that offers a  minimalist and elegant design with icons  made of colorful linear lines that  creates a stunning visual effect the  icons are very consistent and coherent  with a uniform style and size the pack  has over 1800 icons covering almost  every app you might have on your device  it has a flat and minimalist style that  transform your home screen with its  elegant and colorful icons the app  offers a unique combination of pastel  shapes with a line that gives a fresh  and modern look to your device the app  also include 20 plus handmade wallpapers  that match perfectly with the icons as  well as 7 plus fidget for KW GT that add  functionality and style to your home  screen the app is updated regularly with  new icons and wallpapers and you can  request icons for your favorite apps too  this is a must-have icon pack for anyone  who loves to customize their phone with  beautiful and original icons

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You Icon Pack

if you love  the new material you design from Android  12 then you are definitely going to  admire this amazing icon pack known as  you icon pack that combines the rounded  material you designed with the pastel  colors that gives it an artistic look  and it goes well with either dark or  light home screen setups this unique I  can pack offered more than 3000 high  resolution icons that looks  distinguishable due to the Striking  color preferences by the developer I  will highly recommend you to give this  app a try if


Softy Icons

you’re looking for a fresh  and vibrant icon pack to spruce up your  Android home screen then softy icon pack  is definitely worth checking out this  pack is designed with a warm and  welcoming Vibe featuring a combination  of line and pastel color fill that  instantly uplift your visual experience  what sets this I can pack apart from  others is the attention to details and  the high quality of the icons each icon  is designed with meticulous care  ensuring that every element is perfectly  placed and rendered this level of care  and attention is evident in every aspect  of the pack from the custom folder icons  and app drawer icons to the exclusive  wallpaper collection that adds a touch  of personality to your device this icon  pack currently boasts a collection of  2000 plus icons and the developers are  constantly adding more with each update  this means that you will never run out  of options when it come comes to  customizing your device overall softy  icon pack is a great choice for anyone  looking to add a touch of form and  personality to their Android device.

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Basit Icons

Bassett is the ultimate icon pack that  takes minimalistic design to a whole new  level giving your Android device a fresh  and unique look with its sleek and  modern approach it adds A Touch of  Elegance to your app icons by  transforming them into beautifully  outlined masterpieces it isn’t limited  to just app icons it also include dock  icons folder icons ensuring a cohesive  and unified look throughout your device  every aspect of your Android’s interface  is carefully considered to provide a  seamless and Visually pleasing  experience also navigating through your  icons is easier with its alphabetical  categorization feature with a custom  icon count of over 1800 plus icons this  icon pack covers a wide range of popular  apps ensuring that all your apps can be  beautifully themed overall it is an  ultimate icon pack for Android users  seeking a minimalist and modern design now.

Neo Launcher

if you are tired of looking at the  same home screen and want to spice  things up Neo launcher provides a  solution in the form of a unique sci-fi  themed Android launcher that has become  the center of Attraction for Android  users the app comes with a futuristic  interface that set it apart from other  launchers among several others a  striking feature of new launcher is its  customization option the launcher  allowed the user to efficiently  personalize the home screen by selecting  from a wide range of icons widgets and  themes it lets user customize the app  drawer by coupling their application  sorting them in folder or adding tabs  the high level of customization let the  user develop a unique interface that  reflects their particular preference and  style another exceptional feature of  this launcher is its performance it is  designed to be fast and lightweight  ensuring it does not affect the device’s  speed furthermore it has an intuitive  and straightforward user interface  making it easier for user to navigate  various features and assemble everything  efficiently Neo launcher will also let  you switch between high-tech futuristic  world look and the classic appearance  you can enjoy the excellent sci-fi  fantasy home or the overall appearance  of the home screen


crevitso is an open  source Android launcher that stand out  from the crowd with a sleek and minimal  Design This launcher offers a unique set  of features that are missing from  popular launchers out there one of the  best feature of crevitso is the search  bar which not only lets you search for  application but also for anything on the  internet like from Google or play store  or even from YouTube plus you can also  use this search bar as a calculator too  it is convenient to have everything in  one place and krivit suit delivers just  that but that’s not all swiping up from  the home screen brings you a list of  useful widgets that lets you see the  weather control your music view upcoming  calendar events and more it’s a quick  and easy way to get the information you  need at a glance now what really set  gravitsu apart however is the level of  customization you can easily change the  launcher’s look and feel including icon  pack icon size and shape and even hide  the status bar if you prefer the  launcher also lets you add application  to your favorite section making it easy  to access for most used applications  quickly overall this is an excellent  Android launcher that is easy to use  customizable and offer unique features  that you won’t find in other launchers

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Launcher iPhone

unlike many phony skins and launchers  that purely suffice to provide the iOS  UI experience the launcher iPhone looks  and works exactly like an iOS device you  will not notice any kind of creaks in  development that reminds you that it is  purely a launcher and not the real thing  the icon and fonts used by this launcher  exactly replicates the one used by iOS  and even the fluid animation seems  pretty convincing to the eye launch your  iPhone packs all the features of iOS  including home screen notification  center control center lock screen  Assistive touch and a few more you can  directly search an app by using the  swipe down gesture and can set a  personalized gesture for quick access  launch your iPhone supports app grouping  which is Handy if you have a cluttered  home screen the Assistive touch feature  works well and is tweakable as per your  accessibility requirements this best  launcher app is free to use but display  a lot of ads while using the launcher  which can be irritating at times overall  launcher iPhone is a lot worth the  attempt of acquainting the Android User  with the iOS experience.


Ratio Launcher

next up we have  block ratio launcher which has a  minimalistic design with tons of  customization options the launcher is  offering a new way of looking at your  smartphone by giving some unique type of  customizations the best part about the  launcher is that it has been designed in  a way to let you know about your screen  time and manage it efficiently your home  screen is divided into two sections  giving you a more profound and subtle  view of your home screen the first  section consists of a drawer home view  where you can manage and see all your  applications in an organized way the  second section of this launcher consists  of root view where you can manage all  your relevant widgets in terms of  customized stations you can change the  color of your app drag and drop similar  apps in a sorted category and manage  some other stuff on your home screen the  launcher has a simple and intuitive UI  with some attractive themes that makes  it one of the best minimal Android  launchers that you should try.


Stario Launcher

there are  several minimal launchers available on  the Play Store however this one has a  tone of function while maintaining a  simple appearance the app is  straightforward and designed to be used  with one hand you can choose between  bright and dark modes and there is a  quick swipe up action to start quick app  search I like the three widgets that it  adds to the home screen that is the  clock and date widget battery percentage  widget and media player widget which  appears whenever you are playing music  the app drawer 2 is unique with a  uniform app icon layout you also get to  opt for a grayscale scheme on the  launcher if you have had a stressful day  and decided to give your eye a rest all  in all you should definitely give it a  try however if you are big on  customization you should definitely  avoid launcher as it focuses on  minimalism and helps you declutter the  screen.


Android 12 KWGT

you can get a minimalistic and intuitive  interface of Android 12 with this widget  pack it offers all the widgets over 100  in total this widget pack contains  alluring weather widget’s funky music  widget lots of clocks and interactive  widgets as well the major highlight is  that every widget has round corners  which is the theme of Android 12. it is  not just limited to widgets and even  comes with the latest themes and  personalized widgets that you can use to  give a distant home screen look to your  smartphone.


MIUI Widgets

next up we have an  extraordinary widget pack that elevates  the appearance of your Android home  screen inspired by the renowned MIUI  design widgets this pack brings the same  Beauty and functionality to your  fingertips offering a seamless  integration with your device upon its  initial release the MIUI widgets for KW  GT boosts a collection of 40  meticulously crafted high quality design  widgets however the developers have made  a commitment to regular updates ensuring  that you will always have the access to  new and exciting widgets whether you are  drawn to a sleek and look or prefer a  more vibrant and dynamic style the MIUI  widget for kwgt has the perfect option  for you the attention to detail in these  widgets is truly exceptional each widget  is meticulously designed with precision  and Care resulting in a visually  appealing and cohesive experience the  MIUI inspired design element shines  through adding A Touch of Elegance and  sophistication to your home screen so  whether you are a fan of clean and  minimalist MIUI style or simply  appreciate well-crafted widgets the MIUI  widgets for kwgt is an essential  addition to your Android device.

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Pastel KWGT

next up  we have pastel kwgt widget pack which is  the quirkiest looking widget pack to  date rather than opting for those blend  and basic shapes for the widgets this  pack offers a beautiful widget option  backed by a pastel color combination  that looks great on any smartphone  screen the shapes are kept unique to  help you easily distinguish one widget  from another this widget pack works and  looks best with the material or gradient  based wallpaper that will certainly  Spurs up your home screen currently the  widget packs comes with 45 widgets which  may increase in the future.



next up we  have Poppit kwgt widget pack that offers  a range of unique and customizable  widgets for Android users it has 60  stylish widgets to choose from including  material you support for Android 12 and  above it also comes with 25 wallpapers  that match the widget perfectly one of  the most impressive feature of Poppit is  its extensive range of fidgets the app  offers a wide variety of shape and size  including circle square triangles and  hexagons users can also choose from a  range of color and adjust the  transparency to create widgets that suit  their preferences overall the widget  design in poppet kwgt widget is  impressive with a wide range of  customization options and Visually  appealing widgets that are sure to add a  unique touch to any user’s home screen.

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SkyLine KWGT

next up we have Skyline KW GT pack that  bundles 136 widgets to choose from  despite the sheer number of widgets each  one of them appears unique and  meticulously crafted to fill in the  details most widget options are kept  transparent so that the wallpaper is not  masked by the widget in use this clean  approach lets user view their wallpaper  and mix and match beautiful widgets with  the wallpaper in use the design of  skyline KW GT appears almost identical  to the material design spotted in the  new pixel devices and is a great option  if you are trying to incorporate widgets  that exhibits the Android 12 look



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