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Top Best Android Apps – September 2023

Top Best Android Apps – September 2023

Dockalizer, put a dock on your Android Apps

Today something really useful whenever I long press my power key I can bring up this floating dock with five of my most frequently used apps to open seamlessly no matter what screen I’m on too or better yet I can have it bring up my most recently used apps it makes multitasking a breeze and the app that makes as possible is called dockalyzer it links to your power button by pretending to be a digital assistant app pretty smart

Price : $0.99

we’re talking about apps that let you float useful things over the screen floating assistant is King it lets you hover just about anything including your favorite set of apps a timer clock battery level or for any Gamers the CPU usage battery temperature or even the CPU temperature  I can even have an Assistive touch that lets me quickly toggle important settings or actions like toggling the flashlight changing the volume locking the phone Etc

Price : $0.99 / Free Version Available


Tap Scroll – Perfect Scroll

Moving On Tap scroll will save you a ton of painful swipes because whenever you happen to be at the bottom of any page you can tap on the status  bar to instantly scroll back up to the  top  or I can even double tap the status bar  to have it automatically scroll back to  the bottom it’s really convenient stays  out of the way and the best part is that  it works with almost any app out there

Price : Paid version / Free Version Available



FFShare pipes image, video and audio files through ffmpeg before you share them.Doing so reduces the file size and also has the added benefit of stripping all metadata that may be attached to those files.  To do this this just share your media files and choose FFShare. The app will open showing the compression progress and when it’s done a new share dialog will reappear with the new compressed file.

FF  share because it can quickly compress  any of those files to a much smaller  size barely losing inequality and  keeping the same dimensions  it even removes those exit tags which is  great for privacy all I need to do is  share any media that I like to compress  to the FF share app and it’ll start the  process if it’s a picture or audio file  the compression should be almost  instantaneous but if it’s a video it’ll  take a few more seconds

Download From f-droid Click Here



Audio Share

Audio Share can share Windows computer’s audio to Android phone over network, so your phone becomes the speaker of computer. (You needn’t to buy a new speaker😄.)

audio share it lets you connect your  computer’s audio to your Android phone  that way your phone can be the speaker  for your laptop or desktop  phone line and you may not believe this  but not a generic stroke victim a  massive Lifesaver if your computer  speakers are broken and you don’t have  enough money to replace them especially  if it’s a laptop now getting it to work  is really easy you just need to download  the audio share software on your  computer as well as the app on your  phone make sure both your smartphone and  desktop are connected to the same Wi-Fi  network then you need to change the host  and port numbers on the Android app to  match the numbers found in the windows  software  click Start server on the computer and  then start on your phone now the audio  should be connected to your smartphone

Download From izzysoft Click Here


if you’re big on torrenting but are  tired of using all those sketchy  torrenting websites you can instead turn  to magnet X it’s a powerful search  engine that links torrent repositories  together so that you can download the  best torrents efficiently and quickly  plus it even verifies a few to let you  know which are the safest to download  and is completely free to use the Quick  Settings panel has been on Android




Always On Display Toggle


some phones like  Samsung you can quickly toggle the  always on display on or off but you  don’t get this tile on most other  Androids like the Google pixels or  nothing phones luckily an app  appropriately named always on display  toggle lets you add this missing tile to  your quick settings and it works great  letting me quickly toggle the always on  display on or off the only annoyance is  that you need to enable it with an ADB  command from your computer but after you  do it should work like a charm at least  on most phones  switching over to The Games first we got  rolling down bottles and it’s really  easy to pick up and play the goal is to  get the bottle to the bottom of the  stairs without having it break and if  this sounds familiar it’s because the  developer got the idea from all those  popular Tick Tock videos of people  rolling bottles down a flight of stairs  hoping they’ll only break when they pass  the last stat and this game is exactly  like that except the bottle will only  break when it hits an item so with your  finger you have to swipe right or left  to guide the bottle down the stairs  until it reaches the bottom sure it can  get repetitive

This app adds a tile to the quick settings panel that turns Always on Display on or off.
The app needs to write to the system settings and the following command has to be run from your computer via adb in order for the app to work properly:

Download From f-droid Click Here


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