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This app will save your Android  smartphone I’m talking about an app  called Universal Android developer which  lets you remove any app from any Android  smartphone even system apps and  Bluetooth all you need to do is just set  up this tool on a Windows PC and on your  phone turn on USB debugging from  developer options then just connect your  phone to the laptop and open up the  universal developer tool and you should  see your phone here now just hit refresh  and it will list down all the apps in  your phone now just search for the apps  you want to remove from your phone and  select them and hit uninstall and that’s  it they are gone from your phone you can  even restore an app from here if you  uninstall it accidentally this frees up  your storage speeds up your phone and I  know it looks a little complicated but  it’s actually very simple


This is a complete rewrite in Rust of the UAD project, which aims to improve privacy and battery performance by removing unnecessary and obscure system apps. This can also contribute to improve security by reducing the attack surface.

Packages are as well documented as possible in order to provide a better understanding of what you can delete or not. The worst issue that could happen is removing an essential system package needed during boot causing then an unfortunate bootloop. After about 5 failed system boots, the phone will automatically reboot in recovery mode, and you’ll have to perform a FACTORY RESET. Make a backup first!

In any case, you CANNOT brick your device with this software! That’s the main point, right?


  •  Uninstall/Disable and Restore/Enable system packages
  •  Multi-user support (e.g. apps in work profiles)
  •  Export/Import your selection in uad_exported_selection.txt
  •  Multi-device support: you can connect multiple phones at the same time
  •  All your actions are logged, so you never forget what you’ve done

NB : System apps cannot truly be uninstalled without root (see the FAQ)

Universal Debloat Lists

  •  GFAM (Google/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft)
  •  AOSP
  •  Manufacturers (OEM)
  •  Mobile carriers
  •  Qualcomm / Mediatek / Miscellaneous

Manufacturers debloat lists

  •  Archos
  •  Asus
  •  Blackberry
  •  Gionee
  •  LG
  •  Google
  •  iQOO
  •  Fairphone
  •  HTC
  •  Huawei
  •  Motorola
  •  Nokia
  •  OnePlus
  •  Oppo
  •  Realme
  •  Samsung
  •  Sony
  •  Tecno
  •  TCL
  •  Unihertz
  •  Vivo/iQOO
  •  Wiko
  •  Xiaomi
  •  ZTE


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